View Full Version : Addon Vs Subdomain file structure (newbie question)

02-05-2008, 09:32 AM
I am trying to move my main site plus a number of addon domains from another host to my *new* Bluehost account. As all the sites are currently online with the old hosting company and, I don't want them pointing to the Bluehost servers until I get them setup correctly.

When I use the Addon Domain or Domain Manager on the CPanel, and follow instructions, I have ended up with 3 domains listed under the Addon section and the same 3 domains listed as Subdomains. Is this an error? Or will I have these 3 domains listed as Subdomains also until the Pointers are changed?
I am assuming I only need to upload the domain files into the public_html folder but in File Manager I see two folders for each site: domain1.maindomain.com and domain1.com .

I tried going into the subdomain section and eliminating the extra domains, but was told I had to eliminate the addon domains with the same names first.
Now is the time for me to correct the problem, before I add files. I have searched for similar problems on this forum but found nothing to answer my question. Thank you,

02-05-2008, 11:32 AM
When you create an add-on domain at BlueHost it creates:

1. A folder for you to store the content of the site in.
2. A sub-domain of your main domain for the stats programs to use.
3. The domain itself.

As long as you don't create any links using the first two, no one apart from you will know that they are there.