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04-14-2008, 06:48 PM

I have installed Roundcube through SimpleScrips and the installation seems to be OK.

However, Roundcube (and Horde for that matter) do(es) not display the french language accents properly. A ? appears where an accented letter was used. I am francophone and as you know, there are accents in the french language such as é, è, à, â etc...

Here is an example sentence which illustrates what I got in Roundcube:

Je suis ennuy� par la m�me chose qu'hier en soir�e.

This should have appeared in the test email as :

Je suis ennué par la même chose qu'hier en soirée.

Would anyone know if there is a fix to this problem ?

There are no problems with Gmail or Sympatico (a licensed hotmail) for example. Also, I have installed ExtCalendar 2 on Bluehost through SimpleScripts and I have no problem with the accents there when I write an event in french..

There must be a fix for this somewhere. Maybe a box to check, or some option somewhere which must be turned on or something.

If anyone can shed some light, it would be most appreciated. I know that there are some very knowledgeable people posting on this forum and your help folks is always appreciated.

Thank You

04-14-2008, 08:14 PM
Bonjour Barbouille,
Are you in Quebec, France or somewhere else? My real name is Michel, I am from Quebec but I have been living in Boston for 2 years now.
I had the same problem last year. That was before we could use "SimpleScripts" to install software on BlueHost. I have installed RoundCube manually. I had to add 1 line in the main dot inc dot php file in the config folder in the round cube folder. The line is simple and makes a lot of sense: $rcmail_config['charset'] = '8859-1'; I don`t know how the default install by SimpleScript configures the charset, if there is already a line for the charset then change it to 8859-1 otherwise add the line.
Bonne chance!

04-14-2008, 08:54 PM
Thanks Michel for caring to help.

I am also from the province of Quebec (Verdun). I checked what you said and here is what I found in the file you are referring to:

// Use this charset as fallback for message decoding
$rcmail_config['default_charset'] = 'ISO-8859-1';

It appears to be there but not written EXACTLY like in your post. What do you think ? Note that I am new to all this and I find this a bit overwhelming (for me anyway).


04-14-2008, 09:04 PM
Bonjour Barbouille de Verdun,
I don't have much time left tonight, need to go to work.
What you have should work IMO.
You might want to search on http://roundcubeforum.net/
There might be more info on the RoundCube forum.
I (and several friends) have been using RoundCube (hundreds of emails per day) and it works great!
Good luck.