View Full Version : Permissions and security

04-20-2008, 06:17 AM
Hi there,

recently my coppermine gallery was hacked due to an exploit in coppermine, this is been fixed now. The hacker managed to put an script on coppermine and also on all my html files on my main website.
When I contacted BH support, they changed the permissions so I could see the gallery because at that moment I coud only see my website but not the gallery, I could only see a 500 internal server error page.

My questions is, how do I secure my website? I don't know anything about permissions but I would like to know which ones are secure. Many of my files are 0777 ( I read somewhere this is not secure) or 0644. My gallery is 0775.
Will I need to change any permissions to make it more secure or is fine with those permissions?