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07-06-2006, 07:24 PM
when you fill out the form the information is not saved in the database. It acts like it's working and I don't get any errors on the screen.
This is my code.

// Enable sessions
// Turn on magic quotes to prevent SQL injection attacks
// Connect to database
$eg_objConn1 = mysql_connect("localhost", "xxxxxx_xxxxxx", "xxxxxxx");
// Validate users input
// Check that password is numbers and letters
if(isset($_POST['password'])) if(ereg("[!\"\$%\^&\*()_\+=\-\{}~#[.].][.[.]:@';<>\?/\.,|\\ ]", $_POST['password'])) $eg_error['password'] = "Your password contains illegal charactures, only use alpha-numeric charactures.";
// Check username has a value
if(empty($_POST['username'])) $eg_error['username'] = "You must enter a user name!";
// Check that confirmPass is the same as (comparison)
if(isset($_POST['confirmPass'])) if($_POST['confirmPass'] != @$_POST['password']) $eg_error['confirmPass'] = "Your passwords do not match!";
// Check that username is numbers and letters
if(isset($_POST['username'])) if(ereg("[!\"\$%\^&\*()\+=\{}[.].][.[.]#~';:@/\.,<>\?\\| ]", $_POST['username'])) $eg_error['username'] = "The user name contains some illegal charactures, only use alpha-numeric charactures.";
// Get Record Set
$eg_reccount_username = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(username) FROM easyGen_userDetails WHERE username = '".$_POST['username']."'", $eg_objConn1);
$eg_count_username = @mysql_fetch_array($eg_reccount_username, MYSQL_ASSOC);
// Check if username is in data source
if($eg_count_username['COUNT(username)'] > 0) $eg_error['username'] = "The user name you supplied is already in use!";
// Close recordset
if(isset($eg_reccount_username)) @mysql_free_result($eg_reccount_username);
// Check password has a value
if(empty($_POST['password'])) $eg_error['password'] = "You must enter a password!";
// Check email is a valid email address
if(isset($_POST['email'])) if(!ereg("^([a-zA-Z0-9_\\-\\.]+)@((\\[[0-9]{1,}\\.[0-9]{1,}\\.[0-9]{1,}\\.)|(([a-zA-Z0-9\\-]+\\.)+))([a-zA-Z]{2,}|[0-9]{1,})(\\]?)$", $_POST['email'])) $eg_error['email'] = "You must enter a valid email address!";
// Check if any errors were returned and run relevant code
// Run query
mysql_query("INSERT INTO `easyGen_userDetails`(`username`, `passwrd`, `firstName`, `surname`, `email`, `phone`) VALUES('".@$_POST['username']."', '".@$_POST['password']."', '".@$_POST['firstName']."', '".@$_POST['surname']."', '".@$_POST['email']."', '".@$_POST['phone']."')", $eg_objConn1);
// Set Session Value
$_SESSION['xxxxx] = @$_POST['username'];
// Go to page
header("Location: pcmoreinfo.php");

Can anyone help?
Steve Yates