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10-18-2011, 11:36 PM
Hi there!

A small question regarding Bluehost redirections:

The situation: my main site is www.akateacraft.net (hosted at Bluehost). I created a subdomain minecraft.akateacraft.net (linked to a subdirectory "munecraft"), redirected to dedicated09.roxservers.com, an adress hosted by a French company where my Minecraft server is. Accessing that dedicated09.roxservers.com adress directly from the browser redirect me to www.roxservers.com, because the access to my Minecraft server works only on port 25548.

My tests: accessing, from the browser, the new URL minecraft.akateacraft.net, I correctly end up in www.roxservers.com. To there, I'm happy. But when I physically try to connect to my Minecraft server through the Minecraft application game itself (minecraft.akateacraft.com:25548), the program says that it "cannot reach the host". So I made a tracert to my newly created subdomain adress (minecraft.akateacraft.com) and I saw that it stops at bluehost DNS.

1) why does the tracert not show me the complete path to the French server?
2) why can't my Minecraft client access to the server while my browser can? I suppose that it's linked to the port used, but I though that redirections had nothing to do with connexion ports :(