View Full Version : Confused trying to set up FTP access

12-19-2006, 09:41 PM
I'm trying to enable FTP access to my sites and am getting confused on several points.

Main account: jenandcal.org
Add-on domain: accardi-by-the-sea.org

The add-on account is accessible either via accardi.jenandcal.org or its own URL accardi-by-the-sea.org.

I've enabled anonymous FTP and allow anonymous uploads in CPanel (http://jenandcal.org/cpanel). I've also created several passworded FTP accounts, in the form of user@jenandcal.org.

1) The Anonymous FTP Controls page says to use http://ftp.bluehost.com/?domain=ftp@jenandcal.org. The FTP Accounts Maintenance page says to use ftp.jenandcal.org. The former takes me to the Bluehost UnlimitedFTP java panel and appears to work, but I don't want my users seeing that. The latter just gives me error 421 "Unable to set up secure anonymous FTP" when I attempt to connect to it.

2) The FTP Accounts Maintenance page has several links at the bottom to access FTP log information. However, when I click on them, I get error 530 "Authentication failed".

3) If I attempt to connect to ftp://ftp.jenandcal.org I get the 530 "authentication failed" message. If I attempt to connect to ftp://user@jenandcal.org/ftp.jenandcal.org/ first I get a password prompt, then I get "authentication failed".

What I'd like is to simply be able to go to ftp://ftp.jeandcal.org and ftp://ftp.accardi-by-the-sea.org, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that.

CJ Culver,