why is PHP better than any other scripting language?

  1. adkoillusion
    what is actual reason(according to you) for PHP to be better than any other scripting language?
  2. BearState

    I'll give a simple answer, as I have only just returned to peek in on this forum after years of being ... elsewhere and not involved.

    PHP has its virtues and its faults, just like many other scripting languages.
    It is a diverse scripting language that was designed to provide a web server side language that allows web page builds.
    It is very common in usage and to know it is to be in sync with many possible opportunities.
    It is now a well matured language and enough time has passed that we can expect that many of the bugs have been ironed out and that its feature richness has swelled to meet the constant din of demands by its users.
    Like any diverse scripting language, it can get complicated and vague, depending upon who writes it.
    It is well supported by its promoters and developers through their online site and through other sources of PHP info.
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