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Thread: Bluehost Email on iPhone

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    Default Bluehost Email on iPhone

    Has anyone been able to set this up? I'm trying to do it on my boss's iPhone and am having all sorts of trouble.

    If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it!


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    Follow the instructions in the Apple KBase document, "iPhone: Email Account Setup"

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    alligosh Guest


    I use email from my personal bluehost account every day on my iphone. I am typing this response on my iphone. Great product.

    Just setup the iphone as an imap client in the same way you would setup thunderbird or outlook. Specifics would be in the manual that came with the iphone or search for them on apple's site.

    Good luck.


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    Default IMAP IMAP IMAP dont choose POP!!!

    This was driving me crazy, and the thread was so clear about it. Choose IMAP. Configure it choosing the IMAP tab not the POP tab. The pop configuration doesn't work.

    Im using an ipod touch with firmware 1.1.4, jailbreaked with Ziphone.

    Go to:

    add accounts
    With the IMAP tab selected fill the following credentials:

    IMAP account information
    name: your name
    address: your email
    Description: My bluehost account or whatever

    Incoming Mail Server
    username: your email
    password: your email password.

    Outgoing Mail server (SMTP)
    hostname: ( where XXX is the number assigned to your virtual server) ask your admin he knows :-D )
    username: your email
    password: your email password.

    If you can't get ahold of your box number, then go to advance and check off SSL for outgoing (not recomended if your sending sensitive information) ans put

    You can get your box number from here :
    submit your domain and it'll tell you it's current status plus the box number ;)

    You might get a certificate error, hit ok and the test will finish. Now You can read and sendyour mail using the mail apps that came with your iphone, or if you have an ipod touch you can purchase the application (along with map, weather and stocks) through the itunes store :rolleyes:

    If you have any problems, send me message (click on my username, and follow the send msg link) and ill help ya out :-D
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    I cannot get this to work with my BlueHost account!!

    Is there anything else in the advanced setting I need to do?

    What should server port be set to?

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    Thanks jguzman!!

    I have a standard iPhone (un-jailbroken) and was able to get it set up. It took a couple minutes to register, be patient while its doing it. Just make sure you click "ingore" when the certificate mismatch error comes up. Now I don't have to rely on my gmail account forwarding my email to my iPhone via a forward from my bluehost account.

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    I've gotten it to work to send/receive email, but for the life of me I cannot get access to any of my IMAP subfolders. I've added 'INBOX' as my IMAP Path prefix, but still am unable to access emails in subfolders, or set my default place to save sent messages or drafts to anything other than the iPod Touch itself... Has anyone been able to get access to subfolders on their iPhone/iPod touch, and if so how??

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    THKS for a very clear and helpful post

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