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    Ok... I am pretty frustrated here, and from a search on the forums, I can see that many people are having the same problem. I'm trying to wrap my head around this problem... and any way I look at it, this makes absolutely no sense to me.

    1) Bluehost's servers are overloaded, thus requiring the admins to take drastic steps cutting down people's CPU time almost to the point where static HTML pages will cause a person's account to be suspended. But then that leads me back to the Bluehost home page which advertises all these cool features and bandwidth and fantastico scripts and all this cool stuff I can do with my website (and have been doing for several years now).

    2) Bluehost has spent a lot of money upgrading their systems and offering more services for the same prices for the last couple of years that they have had to completely remove upgrades from their budget. Ok, this makes sense, somewhat. Pack more people onto the same hardware and increase revenues, at the expense of crappy service for everyone. Eventually, those who do not convert to pre-1990's technology by using only static HTML pages will be forced to find another host. Eventually, we will bleed off enough of these pesky customers that we will have plenty of CPU power available. Nevermind that no one will be around to use it.

    I see too many posts where people are claiming to have 1 or 2 visitors on their website and they are receiving CPU errors. I then see replies by other users, using the same scripts, stating "Odd, I have a heavily used website and I never have a problem". Ok... so maybe some servers are loaded more than others? Maybe the CPU throttling programs are more generous from one server to the next? What is this, guys?? Why can't we find a solution that allows people to run even modest scripts without closing their account?

    A few thoughts:

    1) Instead of throttling by time, throttle the CPU usage. E.g, 100 people on a server, each person can use a maximum of 1% CPU at any given time. The scripts will run slower, but at least they will run!

    2) Upgrade the CPUs in the servers so they can handle a higher load

    3) Add more servers

    I realize that I have been using pretty much the same scripts for the past several years and have never had a problem until recently. I also recall that within the last year, what appears to me to be a major upgrade of the software (at least an upgrade of cPanel and related), that maybe the hardware upgrades at bluehost have not kept pace with the software upgrades. Or, maybe the growth in bluehost's customer base has not been matched with comparable hardware upgrades to handle the new load. So, like any big company that forgets how it became the big company (ie customer service and support), someone decided it would be a good idea to generate crazy revenue in a short amount of time by taking on new customers while downgrading the performance of all users. Sure, a few customers will be inconvenienced by this and leave... but by then, the people in charge who made this decision will move on to manage bigger and better things, add a bullet on their resume about how their leadership earned the company crazy amounts of money, and slowly the company will lose it's reputation that it spent YEARS to cultivate among it's customer base.

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    What do you want us users to do about this? We can't do anything about it and some are just as frustrated as you.

    You will have to talk to bluehost directly about this or find another host if you can't come to a conclusion.
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    Here's a photo story to explain it for those who need pictures:

    P.S., I would have saved these images on my own website, but I kept getting .

    I could go all night, but I have to save some time to look for a new host, since that seems to be the best advice that is given in the forums to solve this problem.

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    I don't expect the users to be able to do anything. From what I can tell, this has become a big problem recently, and what frustrates me is the only advice I can find for myself is that the scripts must be poorly written and to find a new webhost if we don't want to rewrite our scripts. Of course, rewriting "our scripts" would mean completely re-engineering well supported and highly distributed applications such as Gallery, Coppermine, phpForums, etc.

    I get frustrated when I have to spend an hour on the phone with my mom half way across the country trying to figure out what her problem is with my photo album, only to find out that my account keeps getting locked when she is the only person viewing the site. I wonder how anyone can run a business with these servers when one user can suspend an account. I have been running coppermine for years without problem until recently. I found I couldn't do batch uploads of photos without my account getting suspended, so I tried gallery. I found I can upload the photos all day long, but no one can view them. I have spent 3 days transitioning and setting up Gallery, and now no one can view it. It's embaressing to me and should be embaressing for bluehost, when I tell my family and friends to check out my website and they are greeted with a suspension notice.

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    You need to purchase appropriate hosting for the sort of site you want to have. BlueHost is so cheap because their hosting is aimed primarily at static sites and those dynamic sites with only a few visitors. BueHost do offer a high CPU plan where you get a higher CPU limit in return for paying several times as much (meaning that they place fewer other sites on your server to compete for the CPU). The percentage of sites having CPU issues is well under 0.01% of the sites hosted by BlueHost so they appear to have the CPU usage set at an appropriate level for their target market. The handful of people who have problems with CPU usage have either chosen the wrong script for their purpose or have selected the wrong type of hosting.

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    I understand the concept. I would be happy to pay insane amounts of money for dedicated hosting if I was making equally insane amounts of money off my website. Unfortunately, I do not know the money making potential of my website, since I can't evaluate the type of use my site is capable of generating, since it crashes when the first user visits my site.

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    100 users? more like 250 or 300 buddy.

    What's funny is that BlueHost is on WordPress recommended hosts too, and it sucks for wordpress. BlueHost is a nightmare for any quarter SEMI professional website. It's good with plain HTML and poor traffic. That's the truth. I love BlueHost for my small clients. But add a bit of traffic or action and boooooooooooooov....explodes

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    Even if it was 1000, I don't see why the servers couldn't handle the load? I'm not sure how to read this, but this is the server status of my server:

    I assume that 2.36 CPULoad means 2.36% CPU load. If that's true,then there is something really broken here, because I haven't seen the load go above 3.00. Last night it was under 2 when I kept getting my account suspended. So either the admins are overthrottling our accounts or the system has a problem.

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    Now it's at 0.86 load.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfpackmars2 View Post
    I assume that 2.36 CPULoad means 2.36% CPU load. If that's true,then there is something really broken here, because I haven't seen the load go above 3.00. Last night it was under 2 when I kept getting my account suspended. So either the admins are overthrottling our accounts or the system has a problem.
    A load of 2.36 means that since server has 2 CPUs, it was at a usage of 118% (overloaded by 18%). ((cpuload / number of processors) * 100)
    The CPU load is also an average, which is why it can go over 100%.

    Visit Wikipedia for more information.
    BlueHost Knowledge Base, it is quite helpful, you should read through it.

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