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    Since my previous thread was closed to discussion, I thought I'd try again. I'd like an honest user to user discussion about Bluehost's support.

    1. Are other users having trouble accessing tech support?
    2. Has tech support been a nightmare to connect to?
    3. Has anyone heard any news that they are working to improve?

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    You will not reopen a closed thread. So long.

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    And why would that make any difference to you? So someone else is also having problems. Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? No that just pisses you off even more to know that you're not alone and that support is doing this to everyone. So you'd conclude to get a refund and find another host.

    If no one else has had any problems (which I never have) you'd still be pissed off because support has treated you badly and everyone else kindly. And you'd conclude to get a refund and find another host.

    So lets just save you a step and tell you to find another host. Either way you're going to be pissed off and come to the same conclusion.
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