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Thread: "Server not found" / site not loading, random and intermittently

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    Post "Server not found" / site not loading, random and intermittently

    I'm a new subscriber to BlueHost -- I love their services, as well as the customer service they provide!

    I've been updating my website for a little over a day now and have run into an issue. Randomly, it seems, I will refresh or reload my site, and immediately, without hesitation, my web browser gives me "Problem loading page" / "Server Not Found" -- about in the same manner as if I had no internet connectivity. However, upon refreshing the site, even immedately after getting this error, the site loads instantly. This is me connecting to my root .com on a page with nothing but simple HTML text (and also, it happened both with and without the www precursor) This site is on the free domain BlueHost gave me when signing up. There hasn't been an instance I tried to load the page a second time and it gave me "server not found". It always loads the "second" time.

    I'd say out of maybe, oh I don't know, 100 page loads/reloads, this happened 6 or 7 times, maybe a bit more. The other strange thing is that it also happened to me 2-3 times on a different computer, which was on a different ISP (which seemingly rules out my ISP or computer being the issue, though I'm fairly certain it wasn't either anyway).

    I have even sat here for 5-10 minutes reloading the page, over and over, and I never get "server not found". It seems completely random.

    I've never encountered this issue before, not with any website I've owned or any other website I've visited. I don't know enough about networking and such, so I can't really identify the problem further.

    Is it possible that this has something to do with the shared server I'm on? Maybe I should ask to be transferred to another one?

    One final thought -- I'm not sure if it's my imagination or not, but it almost seems like the "server not found" error is more likely to appear the longer there is in between me visiting my website.

    I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks so much!

    **edit* Just wanted to note that throughout all this, the server my site is on has been in complete working order (under Service status, all lights have been green)
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    I've seen that effect at random times, but not accessing my sites at Bluehost - I've seen it when trying to get to other, major sites, like CNN. I've never figured out what produces it. I can only guess that it's something like a flaky node somewhere between me and the server in question, one that's returning the wrong code.

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    Early Out, thank you for your response. You, among others here, are very kind in giving your time to help others.

    I guess it's good to know the general issue I'm experiencing has happened to someone else previously. I personally hadn't encountered this issue with any of my own previous websites, or with any major ones, and if I had I would have been more reluctant to post regarding this issue at all.

    I was about to say the issue seemed to have subsided, but it just did it again.

    I guess my question now would be this:
    Does anyone think it is at all possible that I'm on a really busy shared server, and for that split millisecond I happen to access my site, it's unable to resolve a hostname and can't connect?

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