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    Default url screenshot php

    I try to take url screenshots in php, and I try a script from php site with the fuction imagecreatefromjpeg, like this one:
    PHP Code:
    Header( "Content-Type: image/jpeg");
    function LoadJPEG ($imgURL) {
        ##-- Get Image file from Port 80 --##
        $fp = fopen($imgURL, "r");
        $imageFile = fread ($fp, 3000000);
        ##-- Create a temporary file on disk --##
        $tmpfname = tempnam ("/temp", "IMG");
        ##-- Put image data into the temp file --##
        $fp = fopen($tmpfname, "w");
        fwrite($fp, $imageFile);

        ##-- Load Image from Disk with GD library --##
        $im = imagecreatefromjpeg ($tmpfname);

        ##-- Delete Temporary File --##

        ##-- Check for errors --##
        if (!$im) {
            print "Could not create JPEG image $imgURL";
        return $im;
    $imageData = LoadJPEG("");
    imagejpeg($imageData, '', 100);
    But when I execute the script not appear any image contain the url screenshot.
    If I execute the script in the script page (imagem_url.php) appear this phrase:"".

    If I call the image in other page don't appear anything, just a blank page.

    I think I have to change something in the php.ini for authorize the image url capture, but I don't know what I have to change.

    If the reason not is php.ini, what kind of problem my script have?

    The best regards,
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    Default Omg

    When I saw your post title, I was more than happy because someone can do it in PHP. However, your method is not correct, when you use fopen to open a URL, you will only get the HTML! How can you expect to get the actually rendered graphic of that webpage?

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    Uhhh... yes... what you are trying to do is waaaaaaaaaaaay more complex than that! What you are attempting is a screen grab of a page as it might be rendered in a web browser

    Off the top of my head I'd be looking at piping a wget into some sort of screen capture ( standalone... not web based ) application, or running a dedicated box that can fire up an instance of a web browser and "snapshot" the url.

    Alternative is to use one of those free site testing services that do a snapshot, and download the image from there... but usually there is a delay unless you give them $$.

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