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Thread: Change the password inside account in roundcube

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    Default Change the password inside account in roundcube

    Hi!!, how I can Change the password inside my account?
    for privacy the user must can change their own password.
    so how i can fix, add, edit, etc, this in roundcube?

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    Searching i found the solution, but it is just for bluehost.
    This is possible by having the email account holder go to http://www.yourdomainname.ext/webmail/ and logging in with their email account username and password (must be full email address - username@domain). Once logged it, they will see Horde and SquirrelMail, as well as links to Change Password, Forwarding Options, Autoresponder Options, BoxTrapper and Logout.

    *If the email account holder is behind a firewall and cannot log into webmail, they can try logging into their webmail account by going to and logging in with the full email account name and password.

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    Roundcube drive and want to keep your customers can change your password?

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    Default RoundCube - change password patch for 0.2-beta version


    I don't know if you still need a patch for password change but I've written one for Rouncube version 0.2-beta (the last one at this date).

    You can find how to install it at :

    It is in french but I think you will be able to see the files to be changed.


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