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    I came into the forum to see if I could find an answer to this issue, as I too am experiencing it. Here's what I suspect is least in my case.

    I was testing to see if my .htaccess is working in that I have added my ip address to a series of others in a 'deny from' directive. My .htaccess also has an ErrorDocument directive pointed to a custom 403.php.

    So, I've denied myself access to any of my own files and that I think kicks in some issues that Bluehost's apache handles. And with that said, I'll keep rummaging around to see if there are any suggestions as to handle such circumstances.

    [Edited - I was right. Ran a test after reading and solved my problem ]
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    (Post split into a new thread, since it had nothing to do with the thread in which it was originally posted.)

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