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Thread: how to redirect sub-domain to bluehost

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    Default how to redirect sub-domain to bluehost

    Hello this is my current setup ...

    DNS --> Go Daddy --> Webhosting --> Dreamhost

    the website "" works fine but now I want to add a forum. I have a bluehost shared web hosting account that is not doing anything so I want to place the forum in my bluehost account. I made the subdomain "" via my dreamhost control panel. I also made the "" subdomain (as a parked on domain) in my bluehost control panel and uploaded the phpbb files to at bluehost.

    What exactly do i need to do now to get the name server resolved --- or the forum up and running?

    It would look something like

    DNS -> Go Daddy --> Webhosting --> Dreamhost --> Subdomain --> Bluehost


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    Quote Originally Posted by Munki-2006 View Post
    ]I want the subdomain of a domain controlled by dreamhost to point at bluehost]
    When you create a subdomain on dreamhost you can define an A record or a CNAME for it.

    I think the A name would be the IP address of the box you're on with bluehost or for the CNAME, but I've never tried to do something like this so take it for what it's worth.
    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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    I can add A record or Cname, and I added the A record (IP address of the bluehost box) but it seems to be working only partially. Sometimes hits the bluehost box and more often than not hits the dreamhost box. Might be the dns propagation still working, but its been about 20 hours now. Will wait a little longer and then try Cname method.

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