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Thread: Email quota limits and quota notification

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    Default Email quota limits and quota notification

    First let me point out what the Quota is on your email system. There is a mechanism that Bluehost doesn't use/doesn't know how to use or is broken. I got several responses from them stating one or the other.

    The quota utility is suppose to Reset every month/period/periodically. This is a limit YOU set for your people to limit the amount of mail they receive so they aren't overwhelmed with data/email. You can set it to about however much you want OR (here is the kicker) set it to 0 to disable.

    The problem here is that the quota system keeps building every email you receive takes away from that credit until you get a message. Since it doesn't reset, you call, they tell you that you must delete some message (and it is empty) or delete a file because it is reporting incorrectly.

    If you get the message, just set the amount to 0 and send a letter to BH telling them to fix the quota system.

    This was in response to several older threads that weren't answered correctly. I searched and didn't find a solution myself.

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    As I understand it, the "quota" on emails is not a periodic volume quota. It's a simple, fixed limit on the amount of email storage a POP email account can use. If an account exceeds the quota, the account holder needs to delete some saved emails, or spin them off elsewhere.

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    The quota (if you set one) is the amount of space allocated to the email address. That space is shared between all the folders on that address including the spam and trash folders. You have to actually empty the trash to free back up the space.

    Unless you are providing email addresses for other prople there isn't really any reason to set a quota on it in the first place since all setting a quota can do is to tell people sending you an email that their email can't be fdelivered because your mailbox is full. It would only be full because you set an upper size for the mailbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crobertson View Post
    The quota utility is suppose to Reset every month/period/periodically.
    No it's not. :)

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