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Thread: Uploaded Wordpress but can only see the old website when I go to domain

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    Default Uploaded Wordpress but can only see the old website when I go to domain

    Hello everyone,
    I used one of the free design programs provided by BlueHost when I first signed up on here and have created several new subdomains since then. Today I uploaded Wordpress to the main domain, but cannot get it to load, as it only shows the orignial website I created. I went into the program that I created with and deleted the project, but it still shows up when I type in the domain. I'm trying to get the new Wordpress to display. Please help. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Have you tried a browser refresh (Ctrl-R or F5 on PC)?
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    Yes, I have refreshed, restarted, cleaned temps files, etc. Typing in the website address seems to just take me to the old files instead of the Wordpress folder. Any other suggestions? Thank you!!!

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    Default I got it!

    I went into the public_html folder, which houses the main domain's files and deleted the index.html file. Reloaded and it went to the Wordpress blog page. I hope this helps anyone that comes across this post. Thanks!!!

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    Based on my experienc, Bluehost has the DirectoryIndex setting set to something like:

    DirectoryIndex index.html index.php index.htm default.html
    This would mean that index.html beats out index.htm, and index.php beats index.htm, etc. There are probably other filenames in that list, but those four I am sure about their order. default.html tells Bluehost to serve up the wonderful default "This page parked courtesy of Bluehost" page.

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