As most of us know by now Bluehost initiated a password change for the cPanel login. This change was triggered when users attempted a login to their cPanel, access their files via (s)ftp, and in some cases when the default email account was accessed. When this occurred the user was automatically sent an email stating the change, along with a temporary password to access the cPanel and initiate a password change.

There were a few problems that some of us encountered during this process, and other operations later. The problem with certain browser(s) was readily recognized and fixed by Bluehost. Some people did not immediately get the email or didn't realize they received it or it got trapped in their spam bucket.

The result of this has been a series of posts by a handful of users. The posts are now becoming rants, complaints and voices of displeasure of the change. This forum is a user to user forum, as has been stated many times in the past. The primary purpose of the forum is for users to help users in the daily problems that are encountered in the use of the Bluehost services, or in coding problems.

The voices have been heard. There is no need to keep this going and it's time to get the forums back to their primary purpose.

Since there is nothing that we can do here, threads on this subject will be locked, and new threads on the password subject will be deleted. It's time to move on and take care of the primary business.

If you are still having problems with your password change, the only people who can help you is the Bluehost Support Team.
They can be reached at Bluehost Home Page and then click on the Live Chat button. They will be more than willing to assist you.