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Dear BlueHost User,

It has been a long time since I have written you. A lot has changed in the last twelve months.
We continue to expand our services and add new features. We hope these new features have
made a positive impact on your hosting experience. Below I will list some of the features and
protections we have added over the past year, but first I want to briefly list a new feature that
we are beta testing that I would like to announce.

This new antispam feature is free to all Bluehost users. In our testing of this in-house developed
product we saw dramatic decreases in spam. Because this product is brand new we have labeled
it as still in BETA status. However, we would love for you to test this product out and give it a
try and give us feedback on it. We believe it will eliminate approximately 90%+ of the spam that
currently makes it to your inbox.

To try out this feature and stop spam please go to:
Setup Spam Hammer


1) CPU Protection - No longer will a single site on a server impact the performance of other
websites on the same server. This means much improve consistency and higher performance
for 99% of our customers.
2) Memory Protection - No longer can a single user or program consume disproportionate memory
that would cause slowdowns for our customers.
3) Bandwidth Compression - This allows our customers to see a 10-25% decrease in site load
times. This is especially noticeable for customers with slower internet connections. This does
not speed up times of PHP/CGI scripts. For PHP/CGI scripts they will run at the same speed.
4) Process Protection - No longer will a single user be able to spawn runaway processes that
cause the processors/cores to slow down trying to handle all the requests. This is especially
useful when it comes to MySQL usage where sometimes hundreds of thousands of queries
happen in short period of time (5 minutes).
5) Many other changes Too many to list in this email.

We hope you have been pleased with your service and will continue to use and recommend
Bluehost. We are grateful to have you as customers and will always strive to give you the
best possible hosting at the best possible price.

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Matt Heaton / President
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