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Thread: Independant Study of Bluehost Boxes (servers) & Wordpress Load Times

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    Default Independant Study of Bluehost Boxes (servers) & Wordpress Load Times

    Independant Study of Bluehost Boxes (servers) & Wordpress Load Times
    A.K.A. What box are you on and what are your stats.

    Basically, we hear that some people have great wordpress experiences and other are incredibly slow!

    so, please help us out. If you have a wordpress blog, take 2 minutes, and post your results. on Box479
    Load times from Inspect element/resources in Chrome (5 page sampled)
    Reverse IP: 2,305 other sites hosted on this server.
    Wow, that's a lot of sites on one box!
    Domain check
    Checked From Result KBytes Seconds Kbps
    Dortmund, Germany (5 Mbps) OK 46.25 18.70 20
    Beijing, China (5 Mbps) OK 46.25 16.44 23
    Sydney, Australia (5 Mbps) OK 46.25 17.34 21
    Gloucester, UK (5 Mbps) OK 46.25 18.86 20
    Chicago, IL (45 Mbps) OK 46.23 15.86 23
    Washington, DC (3 Mbps) OK 46.25 18.06 20
    Los Angeles, CA (1.5 Mbps) OK 46.22 23.73 16
    Santiago, Chile (760 Kbps) OK 46.25 16.86 22
    Detroit, MI (5 Mbps) OK 46.20 26.19 14

    Please take a moment and post your results!


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    This is an inappropriate use of these forums.

    If you are not satisfied with the performance of the server you are using you can contact Bluehost support on the Live Chat or submit a ticket requesting a move.
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