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Thread: I am a noob and need help with TS3

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    Default I am a noob and need help with TS3

    Hey there..

    I tried to set up a TS3 on my bluehost account.

    But it didnt work.. On my SSH console it says something like 'Error connecting to Accounting Server' or something like this..

    I am a total noob..(maybe its because Im a girl and dont know much about this technical stuff ^^) ...please PM or email me if you would like to help me setting up the TS3 server =)

    This would be really nice

    Thanks in advance!!

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    A forum search for teamspeak or team speak will reveal many threads on this subject.

    We also encourage discussions within the forums, and not via PM's or email.
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    I already tried to search and yould not find anything matching my problem with TS3 installation.

    The reason why I asked for PM or email is that I dont want to bother others with a large thread about explaining my problems..

    But np, we can do it here.. as long as I get a little help, I am happy =)

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