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Thread: Why Empty Directory Listing?

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    Default Why Empty Directory Listing?

    I am using FileZilla as my ftp and when I open the ftp it says it's successful but the directory is empty. Anyone know what to do about this? I've checked my firewall and that doesn't seem to be blocking anything. It's also set on "passive" for transferring. Any insight would be appreciated.


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    If you are using the main cpanel username/password you should not be seeing a empty directory listing; rather you should be seeing your home directory which is located directly above the public_html directory. If you are instead using a ftp account that you created via cpanel then its probable that you left the directory at the default location while creating the ftp account which would result in ~/public_html/usernameyoucreated rather than ~/public_html.

    If you are indeed using an ftp account and want to check the path you simply need to open up the ftp accounts section in cpanel and your ftp account details will display the directory it has access to. To fix this you will need to delete and re create the ftp account making sure to modify the directory that the tool automatically appends to ~/public_html to only display ~/public_html/.

    Otherwise you can always just use the main cpanel username/password credentials and have full access to your home directory and below.

    Hope this helps!


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