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Thread: Certain pages won't publish

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    Unhappy Certain pages won't publish


    I'm trying to publish changes to my site, but for some reason the home page won't re-publish. I'm using iWeb to publish. I tried
    going in and uploading files individually in the file manager, and I can see that some folders are listed as not being updated since
    yesterday, even though this is not the case. When I click on the folder, I can see that individual files in the folder are listed as
    being updated, even though the folder itself is not registering it, and I can't upload a whole folder. It only accepts individual files. If anyone can help me with this, it would be very much appreciated! I never had this problem with my old hosting service, so I
    don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong on my end or if maybe I just have to wait for bluehost to publish the site or something.


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    Default seems to have corrected itself. Thanks anyway :)

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    There is nothing that Bluehost has to do to cause a site to be "published". Once you upload the new files they are available to the web immediately. The problem may have been your browser cache.

    Also, check the docs for iWeb. There is nothing preventing anyone from uploading folders with files in them.
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