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Thread: Newb needs help with subdomain url

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    Default Newb needs help with subdomain url

    I am a total Newb to hosting my own site and I am not ashamed to say I need help badly. The reason I got the hosting account was to have my own site for my web design customers to have a place to pre-view the new sites before publishing to their host. I haven't had time to set up and publish my own site yet.

    I have set up a subdomain in CPanel and I have FTP'd the customers site to the subdomain. The files show in the file manager. When I go to the URL, I get the BlueHost domain parking page. I do not yet have a site published to the Main Domain on my account. Does that matter?
    Example of URL I am typing:
    Is this correct? I did not specify a root directory for the subdomain? Should I have? As I said I am a total newb to this, so please be gentle. My customer need to view this site by tomorrow (Wednesday).
    Thanks in advance!

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    When you set up the subdomain, you should have been prompted for a folder to use for it. I usually use something like "public_html/customersite". Your URL appears to be correct and you don't need to have your site published for the subdomain to work.

    One possible reason for the Bluehost parking page to appear is a file named "default.html" in the subdomain's folder. You should delete that file.

    Also, you need to ensure that the subdomain's main page is named "index.html", all in lower case. (Since Linux is case-sensitive, the file "Index.html", or any other capitalization variation, won't be recognized as the main page.)

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