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Thread: Wordpress Post. How to Set Up?

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    Post Wordpress Post. How to Set Up?

    Hi I am new in Wordpress developments.

    I want your help about this Photo?

    Hi everyone,

    I am newbies in this system,

    If you see in the above of this post, you see the submission form on this.


    I want to this form can submit to the database.

    needs of this.

    approved the submit post from the forms.

    after approve the submit post it well be display in the below of forms.

    anyone can suggest on this?

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    You should be asking the developer of the plugin for this form how to accomplish what you want with this.

    All plugin support can begin initially at, and if there isn't an answer in their forums, then there will be a link to the developers web site where you could possibly get the answers you need.
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