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    I have created a BlueHost account, installed WordPress, uploaded a theme and everything works great.

    I then decided to move a different website to my BlueHost account and that's where I discovered that I'm not that smart!

    I changed the A records, changed the DNS records and uploaded a verification file. All seems to have to have moved successfully but I cannot find how to log into my new domain via cPanel.

    Does anyone know how to log onto the redirected site? Please?


    All the best


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    I just noticed that it has been configured as (i.e. as a sub domain to our other, main website). I need this to be a

    Thanks again


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    There is only one cPanel account per user unless you actually create another account with another domain name.

    It sounds as if you need to get Bluehost Support involved in clearing up your issue here.

    Contact them via Live Chat at
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