Last Monday, November 28th, I turned 65 - that's a magic number for some of us.

I woke up thinking maybe I would have an epiphany on life or something. As the day spent itself nothing special occurred. But I did take the opportunity to do some reflecting on where I have been and where I would like to go. After some deep thinking on this through the week, I have decided that I would pursue some old favorites that I had shelved for "later". Well, "later" has arrived.

I will be scaling back my web site stuff and a few other things, and taking on some of those things that I have put off over the years. A big part of that will be golf again once the summer gets here again. And for the immediate future it will be revisiting my music on the guitar and keyboard. I'm afraid I'll have to do quite a bit of relearning on the keyboard. There are a handful of other "projects" that I will be dusting off also.

So the bottom line here is that my activity as a moderator on the forums here will be coming to an end. I have enjoyed it for the most part. The least favorite part was handling all the spam and spammers that came our way. I have enjoyed the back and forth action with those of you that I have posted with (or against). I feel that I have made a handful of new friends here. A while back another moderator left and I had to fill his spot - Early Out. It wasn't easy, but I need to thank him for recommending me as a moderator. I will also echo his last post.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.