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    Thumbs down Google sitelinks

    Hello Bluehost Enthusiasts!

    I am here to ask about sitelinks... my sitelinks are totally unacceptable! The sitelinks that keep showing up on Google for my site are ERROR pages, UNWANTED links, and even DUPLICATES! I've started using Google Webmaster Central and found DEMOTIONS helpful. However... I have 1,000+ BAD links in my overview.

    The one and a half year I've had my site has been a learning experience. The site is almost ready to go international. I've added meta tags to my main script (Joomla) so its pages gain relevance... those pages are the targets if I could choose sitelinks. I've had a lot of Simple Scripts installed... deleted a lot. My concern is there are still Sitelinks on Google that go directly to Simple Script pages I DELETED. They're still in file manager though... WILL REMOVING THE DELETED SIMPLE SCRIPTS INSTALLS FROM FILE MANAGER GET BAD SITELINKS OFF MY SITE FOR GOOD? I was weary of removing them.


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    I think deleting the outdated pages from your home directory would here. And you need to request Google via Webmaster Tools to remove those URLs from its cache.

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