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    Greetings, first post. Disclaimer -- I am totally new to coding web sites so apologies if this is a overly simplistic question :\

    I am using a javascript function to open popup windows on my site. Works great in the main window of my frame set, EXCEPT when I try to invoke it outside the main window, like from the from the left navigation pane -- in that case, it opens the popup correctly, but then reloads the entire frameset in the main frame of the frame set.

    You can see the problem in action here: http: // www . squarewaverecording .com /SWR/index.htm

    Click the red cross at the bottom of the left navigation pane. It will open the popup (Bible verse) but reload the entire frame set in the main window.

    I think it has something to do with the way the popup function is creating the new window; that there is a parameter to force it to NOT relead the parent page? Just spent a couple hours looking for a solution and thought maybe one of the experts here might be able to help me out.

    Thanks for any assistance :)
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    Correction to the description in my original post -- I have a javascript function that opens a popup which displays a link to an external site (random Bible verse). I am invoking the onClick="javascript:popUp()" via href to my center frame, from my left navigation pane in the site frameset. It opens the popup correctly but immediately loads the left navigation pane into the center pane of the frameset. So when you close the popup, you are looking at the left navigation pane loaded in both the left and center panes of a simple three pane frameset.

    One solution is to NOT invoke the popup from the left navigation pane, just invoke it from the main (center) pane of the frameset, since it seems to have an obsession with reloading the parent page there anyway. But I would really like to understand the reason for this behaviour. If anybody is inteested, just view source on Left_Frame.htm and Random_Bible_Verse.htm at the above URL. Thanks for any information.

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