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Thread: Video plays in IE and Safari, but not Firefox....was working before

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    Default Video plays in IE and Safari, but not Firefox....was working before

    Shoot me now! suddenly h264 encoded mp4 videos stopped working in Firefox, yet work fine in Safari and IE. The loading icon just spins (in FF only). Video should start in a second or two as it buffers. Moov atom is at front of files and they worked a few days ago. Can't think of anything I've changed. I've tried the following: re-uploading jwplayer files, uploading to separate jwplayer5.9 directory, tried coding new pages from scratch......uninstalling flash then reinstalling FF plugin. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. cleared cache, reloaded page without cache. double checked referrer was on on Firefox.

    .htaccess has some redirects that work, error document and AddCharset utf-8 .xml

    Here is the test page: http: // www . /VIDEOS/Doolittle_B-25_Reunions5.9.html

    Here's the code:
    <div align="center"><span class="Body">This player has multiple videos. <br />
    Click main screen to play first video.&nbsp; Click title listing below to play any desired title. </span>

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
    <p align="center" class="Body"></p>
    <div id='newcontainer' align="center">
    <div id="container">Loading the player...</div>
    <p><script type="text/javascript">

    flashplayer: "",
    skin: "../jwplayer5.9/skins/newtubedark/",
    { duration: 331, file: "", image: "../Images/click2play.jpg", stretching: "fill",
    description: "Video of 68th Doolittle Reunion 2010" },

    { duration: 390, file: "", image: "../Images/click2play.jpg", stretching: "fill",
    description: "Doolittle Reunion 2011. Take a ride in a B-25. " },

    { duration: 184, file: "", image: "../Images/click2play.jpg", stretching: "fill",
    description: "Interview with four survivors on 70th Anniversary of Doolittle Raid 2012" },

    { duration: 569, file: "", image: "../Images/click2play.jpg", stretching: "fill",
    description: "Black and white silent movie footage from the actual event. " },

    { duration: 115, file: "", image: "../Images/click2play.jpg", stretching: "fill",
    description: "Rare WWII Color Footage of Doolittle's Raiders. " },


    "playlist.position": "bottom",
    "playlist.size": 300, height: 484, width: 640


    curiously, the actual screen size looks very different (smaller) in IE than FF.

    If ANYONE can offer some direction here, I sure would appreciate it. I did start a ticket on this as well. This is making me crazy.


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    Default Solution Found

    After many many hours, I found a solution on the Bluehost forums. The answer actually came from a tech at JWPlayer named Erik.

    Put the following in your .htaccess file:
    SetEnv no-gzip dont-vary

    Bluehost must have changed something in the last week as these videos were all working fine. The phone support person was unable to help so I posted this and also a service ticket.

    I hope this will help some other folks with the same problem.


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    Default Link to working page

    I took down the original test link, but if you'd like to see the working page it is here:
    http: // www. eugeneleeslover .com /VIDEOS/Doolittle_B-25_Reunions.html
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    Hi Finely retired,

    I think that i have the same problem. Images and videos are blocked. (when i upload them to a Text Column like the module: Welcome). Please take a look:

    www. sociallonely .com/demo2

    and my youtube video of the problem:

    http: // www.

    Please help me out.

    Kind regards
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    I know this is old but are there any updates on this issue?

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