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Thread: Notification expectations on "system upgrades"

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    Default Notification expectations on "system upgrades"

    Found my site down tonight (no site, no cpanel, no domain manager, no nothing), and after some investigation, called phone support. "We're doing system upgrades to a set of servers, and yours is among them?" Me: "Oh, really? Don't you think you should have notified me of a 'planned downtime'?" Support: "We normally do. I'm sure we did." Me: "Will you check?" (pause) Support: "It seems you were not notified. Normally we notify."

    This stinks. "Planned" downtime is not planned if I'm not notified. I don't care if it's Sunday at midnight, I should be notified. 99.9% uptime my foot.

    BH User/Admins -- what are YOUR expectations regarding "planned" outages like this?

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    It's happened way too many times to be acceptable to anyone. It sounds like they are thinking no-one would notice and unfortunately, most people don't. Log a complaint!!!!

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