I've been with Bluehost since Dec. 2011, and have set up "Account Level Filters" mostly via "keyword filters" selected by either subject or body to trap spam email. I then redirect these to a Junk folder so I can monitor how much, and which emails are caught and ID'd as spam. But these filters seem unreliable. Sometimes the spam still gets through, and there's no rime or reason for getting through, or not. Similarly, I find mixed results when I "blacklist" a sender. As these filters are electronic, I can't understand how they sometimes can breach the spam filter and/or blacklist. I decided not to use Postini or the other services as I felt I still needed to monitor my Junk folder for mis-identified mail.

In addition, some of my good mail is being moved to the Junk folder of my other email accounts, which has me a bit concerned.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with Bluehost email service and Account Level Filters?


ProfessorMac :cool: