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Thread: Weebly Site Builder not working on Macbook Pro

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    Default Weebly Site Builder not working on Macbook Pro

    I am not able to see the weebly website builder interface (using Safari). I tried Firefox, same problem and reset Safari which didn't fix it. I opened a ticket with Bluehost support and they advised updating flashplayer which I did but the problem persists. After logging into the CPanel and then to the sitebuilder, the page only has a bluehost logo and a dropdown with my url, but it doesn't go to the drag and drop interface. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    I should note that I have no problem on a Dell laptop but of course would prefer to use the mac to build my site.

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    Default Weebly Site Builder Not Working


    Did you ever figure out what the problem is? I am having the same problem. Bluehost is telling me it may be that I don't have the most recent version of flash. I installed most recent version, uninstalled it, installed older version, uninstalled that, installed most recent version again.

    This doesn't seem to be a flash problem.

    It is making me nuts. Can anyone help? I used Weebly fine for months, and now problems.

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