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    Default FTP Passwords

    I've recently started my first web hosting account at BlueHost. I'm trying to figure out how to log into my FTP accounts using FileZilla. I searched these forums and spent time on the FTP Manager in CPanel, but I can't seem to figure out what the passwords should be for my default FTP and default FTP anonymous accounts should be.

    Does anyone know where I can find this information? I thought I would check here before I call tech support.


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    From CPanel, under Site Management open up the FTP Manager. From there click FTP Accounts and you will see all of your accounts listed. From there you can add accounts and set password. I believe that the main account can only be accessed with the user name and password that you use to access CPanel. In Filezilla set up a new site with the site (or ftp server) name as ftp."your domain name" (e.g. For the user name enter the user name complete with domain name (e.g. Then enter your password. That should get you on. Hope this helps.

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    Your default FTP account is exactly the same as your cPanel login information.

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