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Thread: html input type=text height

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    Question html input type=text height

    No matter how I modify this the input text cell appears to be about 50% of the total cell height.

    Any ideas?

    HTML Code:
                  <tr><td style=\"text-align: right;   
                      font-size: 28%; font-weight: bold\">Username</td>
                  <td><input type='$type' height=10 vspace=0 hspace=0 name='username' 

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    Smile <h1 align="left">

    Here is the answer to my own question.

    Previous to the code referenced above I use the following heading tag:

    <h1 align="left">

    It turns out that this tag varies the spacing of the text input box but does not vary the size of the text input box itself.
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